Custom Jacket Program

Custom Jacket Program


The custom jacket program makes for an awesome gift, for yourself or a loved one.   Every backpatch is unique, and made for your chosen woven (non-stretch!) garment right from your closet!

All fabrics used are hand-dyed by me - 100% cotton/linen pieces that are hand quilted directly onto your jacket.

The way it works: You pick out your jacket and pay to ship to me in Brooklyn, NY (or feel free to pick a local meet-up spot for a free exchange!)  

We will email or text a couple times during the exchange - you can shoot me any favorite color swatches, inspiration pictures, etc and I will send you an image of a general layout of the jacket for your feedback, and another image after it has been quilted.  If you want more back-&-forth then that, then we totally can!

Turn around time for custom backpatch is 10 days after receipt of your piece.

Please note at this time, if you are not happy with the program there are not full refunds available, so the communication during the customization is important for this reason!

To preserve your jacket after customization, I recommend care as hand wash, lay flat to dry, hot iron.  Some people do wash/dry in commercial dryers and the pieces still look great, but that is done at your own risk and not recommended.

If you have any additional questions about the program, please feel free to email me at

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